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Modified Cars That You’d Love To Own


A Dream of Every Eye  The craze of modified cars is not new the passion has been curiously followed since early 80s. Basically everyone desires for a performance oriented car with dynamic looks. Modified cars are meant to have eye catchy features and are certainly priced. It depends upon the[…]

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Bugatti Loses $6.24 Million for Every Veyron It Sells


Volkswagen Group knew from the beginning that the Bugatti Veyron will be sold at a loss, but still launched the car on the market in order to demonstrate technological capabilities. Bernstein Research showsthat Volkswagen lost about 6.24 million dollars with every product Veyron it sells, numbers which are hard to[…]

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Driving In Hong Kong – Rules Of The Roads


Driving in Hong Kong may seem like a confusing and stressful endeavour, but compared to many other South East Asian countries, it’s actually one of the safer and more regulated driving environments. It’s easy for most Western drivers to adapt to driving in Hong Kong, with just a few important[…]

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Cruiser and Scooters Alarms

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The motorbike cautioning gadgets are advanced devices that expect to secure against the cheating of our motorbike, and are an incorporated insurance to secure or securing frameworks, which should match and additionally not switch out. The caution frameworks for motorbikes look like the car, however are not supported, may not[…]

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Mitsubishi Airtrek- An MPV Feature Analysis


Mitsubishi has always been a fair contributor of technology in the Japanese automotive vehicles. Most of Mitsubishi cars are now known for their reliability and quality standards. Despite of the slow activities of Mitsubishi in the past years, the official records never forgot what it had already given to the[…]

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Features Of Ideal Scrap Yards

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Automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Millions of cars of different varieties are made and are sold in the market all over the world. This is not enough, the scrap generated by this industry is also there. Millions of cars turn into scrap due to[…]

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Buying A Jaguar


Want to drive like James Bond? Synonymous with class and sophistication, a Jaguar is the ideal car for those looking for a luxurious, elegant driving experience that makes a grand statement. The car of choice for many of the British royal family and UK politicians; a Jaguar is the ultimate[…]

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